Forget Digital. Shoot Polaroid

Hey. This is cool. You can still shoot polaroid. I thought polaroid was dead, but apparently not. I originally found this camera while surfing Adorama today, and you can buy it there, but it’s $99. Amazon lists it much cheaper at $68. A 30 percent discount is worth shopping around for, I think.

Now, the costs don’t end with the camera, as they do with digital (save for the small cost of buying a memory card). You have to buy film. Yes, film. A 3 pack will set you back about $50 which works out to about $1.30 per photo.

Still pricey compared to digital where you can shoot hundreds of frames, find the few keepers and gas the rest. But film will actually teach you to be a better shooter. You’ll learn to shoot when there’s an image to be made, not just leaning on the shutter and hoping or taking yet more pictures of the cat because you’re bored.

Polaroid would, in my opinion be a perfect party camera. Sure, you can’t email multiple copies to your friends or post the images on facebook, but you could actually give away (or sell, if you’re really good) your photos, right then and there. No more remembering to email your friends photos or uploading to flickr. Take the photo…and whizz.. – out comes the photo from the front of the camera. Right then and there.No waiting, no uplaoding, no huddling around a tiny 2.5 inch LCD screen.

And the bonus about the polaroid is it’s ALREADY obsolete. You’d be cool. Old Guy goes Old Skool. With digital, if you can get 3 years out of your multiple hundred dollar digital dumpster filler you’re doing really well. With the Polaroid, as long as you can buy film for it, you’re current. It’s got a flash, a lens, and out comes a photo. No Image stabilization and red eye reduction, just a memory to keep. stick the photo in a drawer and you’ve backed up.

I’m 42 and I’ve still got polaroids of me as a kid. I wonder – will this be the case with digital? Will my DVD’s and hard drives survive 40 years from now?

One other positive of the Polaroid is the time and money savings. It doesn’t get any simpler than pushing the button and out comes a photo. With digital you have to print it yourself, which requires you to absorb the cost of the printer and the ink not to mention messing around with the printer. No needing to calibrate your monitor with your printer or other foolishness. But you say – wait Jim ,I can just take them to the store and get prints made. How are you getting there? A car? Have you put gas in a car lately? That stuff’s expensive! and you still have to pay for your prints, and wait at very least an hour. What’s an hour worth to you?

Try it. Polaroid looks like a fun and alternative way to make great pictures. You might like it. And be the talk of the party. Way better than bringing a bottle of bad wine.

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