Kodak EasyShare C713 (Pink)

MSRP on the Kodak EasyShare C713 in pink is $89.99 which is a pretty good price. But, you can still do better from Amazon, Adorama, B+H or Ritz. I’d check these sites first. All are reputable vendors.

Kodak EasyShare C713 7MP Digital Camera (Pink)

First, 7megapixels is more than enough. It wasn’t that long ago that Pros were paying north of $3000.00 for a 7 megapixel camera so don’t get sucked into thinking you need better. Chances are, if you’re in the market for a pink camera under $100 you won’t be making images for the side of a bus. You can get quite respectable 8×10 and higher prints from 7megapixels. The documentation states it can print up to 20×30 inches.

This cute little Kodak offers a 3x Optical zoom with a 35mm equivalent of $36-108mm. It could be a little wider at the wide end. 35mm is just a tad wider than what the eye would see. If you need wider, you might consider the Canon SX10IS, or equivalent. But it’s in a different league than this one, so we’re really comparing apples to oranges. On the long end, the 108mm lens is more than fine. 108mm gives you a great length for portraits. The long lens should offer shallower depth of field which would blur the background making the person seem to ‘pop’ out of the photo.

A standard feature, even at this price point these days is image stabilization, and this little guy offers that feature too. Image stabilization reduces blur caused by you being shaky(called camera shake), or the subject moving. Image stabilization stabilizes the image.

The LCD screen is a little small compared to others at just 2.4 inches, but this has a MSRP of $89, not $499 so it’s almost expected that some corners need to be cut. 2.4 inches is fine. Don’t get too caught up with numbers.

High ISO. This little camera goes up to ISO 1250 which allows you to shoot in low light conditions, or shooting fast action.

High Definition viewing. Assuming you have the HDTV, you can view your photos on your TV from your camera. This camera also offers the ability to shoot video (not high definition though) 640×480 at 15fps and includes a microphone allowing you to record audio as well.

With sixteen scene modes such as auto, sport, portrait, snow, fireworks, backlight, and party and more, there should be a scene setting regardless of the lighting you find yourself in.

Lastly, the Kodak EasyShare software makes it easy to access, print, edit and view your photos.

For under $100 you really can’t go wrong with this. it’s simple, it works and it’s pink. What more could you ask for?

As mentioned above the MSRP is $89.99 on this camera, but you can get it for less without much effort at Amazon, Adorama, B+H and Ritz. Please consider buying it with the links I provide as it helps me to help you. I continue to offer deals, reviews, contest and headline news. and you save some money on a great little camera.

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