Artistic Effects

Computer graphics made a significant rise while evolving from four colors to color spaces hardly caught human’s eye. And as this evolution progressed, computer graphics was becoming a major trend. It is impossible to imagine a web site or a modern magazine created without using computer graphics.

However, the more advanced the graphical software was getting the more was its cost, resulting in situation where an average individual or a small business virtually cut off the latest graphic technologies of production because of the high prices.

Looking at human creativity as an engine of modern graphical design, the situation seems to be unfair. There are actually numerous graphics artists out there who have all that which takes it to create brilliant computer graphics except for expensive software packages. Is there any opportunity for home-made computer artists to get the appropriate tools at a fair price?

Definitely, there is! Introducing Artistic Effects! A whole collection of image filters which makes up professional toolbox of computer artist.

Photo editing programs enable users to easily make quick fixes and snappy edits to their digital images. Of the several effects that photo editing programs provide, artistic effects can be particularly useful while trying to spice up a dull image. Most photo editing programs are available with a tier of artistic effects which can be inserted to any image.

This unique collection of Photoshop plug-ins possesses all that you many require to start creating unbelievable graphically rich artwork right away. Among the professional effects incorporated in this plug-in package are: Chrome, Aqua, Snow, Ice, Metal, Gel, Plastic, Cotton and Smoke. Each effect is built on high precision mathematical model guaranteeing to get the highest quality level while applying effects.

Artistic effects enables you to experiment with photos i.e. convert a photo into a B&W image and thus adding a color shade to it; replacing colors on an image, adding a texture so that the image appear like drawn on canvas, corrugate paper, brick wall etc. It is planned to improve the effects of collection with new ones.

Artistic Effects is more than just a set of powerful fine art image effects. It is rather a highly customizable processor of graphics with each and every effect being tunable to the maximum extent. Besides common approach of using effects like aqua to make buttons, it is much more used for various settings the plug-in has to provide. You can create your own effects and if at all for some reason you wish for saving time rather than being creative there are also many presets available for each effect.

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