Lights! Camera! Action! Diwali!

We have decided to celebrate the festival of lights in our own unique way at pixetra. Oh yes we are aware of the great Indian legend of Sri Ram, his arrival back at Ayodhya, the welcoming lamps lit by the people of Ayodhya, the crackers, the sweets …….
But we wanted a difference this Diwali. Make it eco friendly and healthy but cutting out crackers and the sweets. So we are celebrating the festival of lights by lighting up your lives with a Foto Guru intervention on (you guessed it) ‘lighting’. We are celebrating the festival at Hyderabad this year on November 1st & 2nd. Yeah, it’s after Diwali I know, but we always strive to be different you know. Resident lens ace dons his ‘light boy’ mantle. Sethu will be lighting up your lives come November.
To quote him – ‘The classes are structured to help a novice photographer understand step-by-step the theory and practice of lighting and taking great portraits, from snapshots of your friends and family to captivating photographs of people in studio mood and lighting.’
Quite a mouthful, but worth every penny a true enthusiast would spend to attend. Speaking of spending on this event, you earn too, courtesy our partner in lighting ‘Harison’. The event cost includes a Rs 500/-

gift coupon from Harison Photo for purchase of lighting/accessories from them. Light up your life with pixetra this festive season!!

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