Making more than photos from nature

I could not help but notice while out shooting how much litter and junk I would find. Each time I would finish shooting and would drive away, I was left with this feeling of disgust and disbelief that my fellow citizens could be so stinking lazy. Taking a garbage bag with me each time I was out shooting was something I had considered, but I was not sure of the best way to take action. It seemed impractical to try and pick up litter at the same time I was searching for things to shoot plus carrying my equipment. Plus, honestly there would be times I would barely have enough time to shoot let alone stop to pick up some slob’s empty M.D. 20 ouncer.

After giving this much thought I have decided to dedicate 10 percent of the time I shoot in a month to just picking up garbage. This is an experiment to start and I can adjust either way depending on how it works out. Here is my challenge to all my fellow photographers to do the same, as well as teach others to respect our outdoor studio. Let’s face it, it’s the only one we have and working together will help keep it clean.

On the home page of, I plan on keeping a running total of the garbage I collect by weight as well as documenting it via pictures and even video. If this sounds like a cool idea to you and you want to join me in my efforts, then drop me an email and I will send you a logo to put on your website that will let your visitors know that “Litter makes me shutter™”. I cannot do it alone, so how big this becomes depends on how serious you are about making a commitment. I have only one goal in mind. Cleaning up our outdoor studio, one photographer at a time. Thanks for your time.

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