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May the force be with you

Thus wished the Jedis of Star Wars to each other. Readers please forgive me, I am a huge fan of the franchise and refer to it often.

Star Wars lore tells us that Jedis are identified when very young (coz the force is strong in them) and then train for a lifetime to become a Jedi master. Then they wave their hands around and get animate and inanimate objects to do their bidding (wish all of us were so lucky).

The training the Jedis go through is intense physically and mentally. Each youngster is attached to one master (reminiscent of the Indian Gurukul system) and trains under him/her. Check out what this gets the young Jedi – undivided attention from the master, exclusive and hands on access to all the equipment that the master had, enough time to absorb and practice the teachings, time to correct mistakes……the list is long but desirable for it’s proficiency. Now we at pixetra are not averse to getting our lessons even from George Lucas and a fantasy movie franchise. So we are getting into Jedi mode for a unique training exercise.

The first week of October will see aspiring pixetra Club lens Jedis go through a Foto Guru – Basics of Photoshop at Kochi. Patience pix clubbers, we will extend this to other centres soon. Classes are at Infopark. Our in house Yoda’s will ensure all youngsters get trained on individual machines. We will also be spreading out the 2 classes that make up one course, over 2 consecutive Saturdays. Beat that for exclusive equipment, undivided attention and time to learn, practice, absorb and course correct.

At the end of this course, we hope all aspiring lens Jedis will be able to wave their hands over their computer mouses and make their photographs do their bidding using Photoshop. For exact dates, times and venue, watch this space.

The force is strong with this club, master Obi Wan….

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