Photography Holidays

The holidays are organised into a series of photographic studies, structured to broaden perception and improve image composition.

We visit a hand picked selection of the best shooting locations in the region to give depth and variety to each study. During breakouts from shooting, your guide will give pointers and examples of methods to achieve the best results in the specific situation. Post-shooting group review gives you the opportunity to look back at techniques that have worked well for you, and identify areas that can be improved – learning from each other to further extend and develop your skills. We progress onto more challenging photographic material during a full five days of shooting.

Traditional Spanish towns and historic architecture
The old towns of Velez Rubio and Velez Blanco have quaint, traditional narrow streets with overhanging balconies and ornate iron grills. The wealth of historic buildings, including the famed Baroque church of the Incarnation, which we will photograph internally, will provide a busy day of New Zealand photography tours.

Landscape – mountains, plains and forests
Rugged high mountains and vast agricultural plains provide beautiful contrasts for landscape photography. The geological mix of soil types gives vivid patterns of yellows, browns and reds across the cereal-sown plains. The almond and olive trees punctuate the earthy hues and give seasonal variety. The Sierra Maria is clothed in extensive pine forests and Mediterranean woodland. We will spend a day capturing these scenes.

Castles and fortifications
The prominent El Castillo of Velez Blanco is in many of the tourist photos of the area. We will ensure we capture these classic shots, and also some alternative views a little further off the beaten track. We will visit the Arabic fortress above Velez Rubio, the last stronghold of Boabdil during the war of Granada. The day will conclude with the low sun on the prominent Moorish Ruin on the border with Murcia.

Wildlife – griffon vultures
In 2002, the park was declared a special protection zone for birds. Dominating the skies above the rockiest peaks are birds of prey including eagles and griffon vultures. Out in the open areas colourful bee-eater and hoopoe can be seen. An early start will allow a morning on location to capture the first flight of the day for the spectacular Griffon Vultures.

Water features and mills
The limestone landscape is rich with subterranean water and fountains dating back to Roman times are still widely used today. The valley between Velez Blanco and Velez Rubio once had some 22 water mills, now in various states of disrepair, which we will spend an afternoon studying.

Market colours
All of the towns have weekly markets that display vibrant colours and local characters providing wonderful photographic opportunities. We will spend the morning at the largest market where many local faces sell their homegrown vegetables.

Cave paintings
The prehistoric caves of Los Letreros contain the World Heritage designated cave paintings of human figures, birds, animals and the sign of the Indalo – now used as the insignia for Almeria.

Night shots – castle and church
The Church of the Incarnation in Velez Rubio is beautifully illuminated and glows golden at night. El Castillo in Velez Blanco is lit rustically giving a mystical feel. These attractions are captured in evening sessions.

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