Photography holidays location

The holidays are based in Los Velez, a virtually undiscovered region in north-east of Andalucia, Spain.

In the north of the Almeria province, Los Velez enjoys the most sunshine in the whole of Andalucia; in excess of 3,100 hours per year.
Four towns make up the Los Velez area; Velez Rubio, Velez Blanco, Maria and Chirivel – each with their own special character and attractions.

Velez Rubio
Velez Rubio is the commercial centre of the Los Velez area, containing the Encarnacion – the largest Baroque church in the Almeria province. The town has been declared an Artistic and Historic centre and likened to an outdoor museum representing each and every era the region has experienced.
Velez Blanco
Velez Blanco is a town of whitewashed houses, protected by the mountain cliffs of the Mamion Grande and crowned by the palatial castle of the Marquis of Los Velez.
Maria is the highest town above sea level in the province of Almeria with an imposing rocky backdrop of the north face of the Sierra Maria. Maria is famous for its traditionally prepared mountain cured ham, that is exported worldwide.
Midway between Lorca and Basa, Chirivel was a base for Roman troops. The statue of Dionysos in the Chirivello park stands testament to this history. Surrounded by fertile crop lands, Chirvel sits in an open valley basin with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

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